Your Ideas

Your Ideas

Electronic Democracy is all about Empowerment, about giving you a voice. All citizens can propose their own ideas and open them up for discussion. We want your voice to be heard. This is how we truly make politics by the people and for the people.


Maternity/Paternity Leave for Self-Employed Persons

Mandatory tree-planting initiative

Demolish unused buildings, and convert them into open spaces

Mandatory Teaching of GOOD MANNERS/ETIQUETTE at all schools.

restawra darek

Rehabilitate all quarries and rubbish dumps

Dog Park in every Locality

Regularise surrogacy , egg/sperm donation

Encourage Local & Ecological Enterprise

green Malta

More camping sites


Free IVF Treatment and help with Adoption Process

Incentives for companies hiring Refugees

Dynamic change required in our education system

Film and TV school

Scrap the sale of passports

Higher wages for teachers

Social Workers


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