Re-construct Balzan Valley

Re-construct Balzan Valley

The previous PN government solved the flooding problem in Balzan Valley with the flood relief project, however the road has not been re-constructed yet, and as an arterial road and commercial centre, the road deserves to be in a better state. We were promised during this legislature that works were to start in 2016, however this was not the case as the road is still a disaster. The Local Council has been pressuring the government for the past years.


This road needs re-surfacing FAST!! It's a disaster.

I use this road frequently and it is constantly decaying. Works to reconstruct this road are urgently required in order to help ease traffic in the area.

I used to use this road daily to avoid traffic. At this point it's so bad driving through it that I'm choosing to get stuck in traffic and use another road !!!!

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