Lower prices on allergy-specific food items

Lower prices on allergy-specific food items

Foods such as gluten and lactose free items are extremely expensive. Coeliacs are covered to a certain extent when shopping (although many items are not covered by their allowance which is a shame), but for those who are intolerant, it is too much. By lowering the prices and even making these foods more available at both shops and restaurants, it will make maintaining such a diet much easier for all those who have no other choice.


Also for wheat intolerant patients or people. Kamut (Khorasan wheat) products are expensive but are necessary as much as the gluten free products.

My son is nut allergic and it would be a great idea if the epipen ( injection) will be available at least at a reduce price and also make sure that a nurse is present in all schools. My son attend a church school and unfortunately they don't keep the epipen at school. Thank you

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