Local Testing of Pesticides in Produce

Local Testing of Pesticides in Produce

If agricultural produce is tested for pesticides locally then food with high level of pesticides can be removed from the market instantly. As a result more people will buy their produce from local producers as they will be reassured of its quality. This will also incentify producers to reduce the amount of pesticides in their food...resulting in a healthier nation.


The incidence rate of cancer is very high in Malta...as a result people are opting to eat more fruit and vegetables. The likelihood of local produce containing pesticides may discourage people from taking up a healthier diet. If consumers can rest assured that local produce contains lower levels of pesticides then they are likely to eat more healthy food, and the local producers will benefit too!

Because our health will suffer unless use of pesticides is controlled and reduced to below Eu targets.

Setting up an accredited laboratory to test agricultural products for pesticide residues is very expensive, but some form of testing for indication of high residue levels should have been introduced long ago. If the results are positive, the product is held until the proper results are received.

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