Constitutional Change: Consider Abolishing (All) Parties

Constitutional Change:  Consider Abolishing (All) Parties

Not a nihilistic proposal but a very serious one. Maltese politics is broken. ▶️Think◀️ The root of most trouble is tied to the existence of Political Parties which intrinsically favour Block Voting, Collusion and Package Deals that stifle individual opinions. There are good/bad candidates on all sides, yet the voter is always forced to swallow the corrupt with the promising. We could create a *FAR* better government by combining the best candidates from all sides! ▶️Vote People not Parties!◀️


In the current scenario, all parliamentarians are placed under huge pressure to vote with their government even if they fundamentally disagree with the choices that the leadership or the party is taking. This bottles up the most essential form of governance - One's Own Conscience! Yet there are many other ways how we can organize politics!

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