Reduce the Car Registration Tax

Reduce the Car Registration Tax

The car registration tax in Malta is the highest in the European Union making car prices in Malta much higher than in the rest of Europe. By reducing this excessive tax people would be encouraged to purchase new vehicles with lower emissions and which are much more efficient, and if coupled with the scrappage scheme would ensure that older polluting vehicles would be eliminated from our roads.


To encourage people get rid of old polluting vehicles especially older than 15 years

cars are already taxed in another EU member state when new, so tax them again is pure daylight robbery. And what about the circulation tax, it is one of the highest in EU.

Reduce car numbers with an efficient and reliable public transport system

Lowering the registration tax will not reduce the number of cars. Especially older cars. Reducing the fixed cost and increasing the variable cost might however. The idea is to make older vehicles and increased trips more expensive.

less tax more cars

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