University football ground and track

University football ground and track

I suggest that the football ground and track at the University be upgraded to a high standard. This should be a project on its own and EU funds should be applied for it. The ground and track are a disgrace to whoever uses them. It is necessary that these be upgraded. If we need to improve and raise the level of sports, we need more facilities, and this is one facility sitting there in such a neglected state. I'm sure this will be welcome by all and attract some more votes.


The Track at University has been ina delapidated state for years. Students and the local community need a track where they would be able to exercise and enjoy their running in relative safety.

I think that the University grounds are the only grounds in Malta which are without turf, and the surrounding track is made of tarmac which is in need of maintenance. I suggest that these has to be developed in underground multi storey car park which this area is really in need of, and on top the football pitch and tartan track. Other facilities may include gym and cafeteria to generate revenues for the maintenance of the same facilities.

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