Underground Car Parks

Underground Car Parks

By Placing underground car parks in every city, it would mean wider roads where Bus Lanes can be implemented almost everywhere which will encourage using more public transport. also should be available a free shuttle service from every car park! A plus would be less visual pollution since cars would be sort of hidden underground!


Underground car parks should be provided in conjunction with public transport nodes to allow for car users to make use of public transport particularly if the main mode would be a light rail system. These car parks should not be totally free but as an incentive, the more milage you clock on public transport, the greater the credit you accumulate towards getting a rebate on your parking fee.

if the goverment stops/regulates the waste of money spent on bullshit, there would be enough funds to build it in every city,without diminishing funds from other projects and without drivers need to pay for parking or for the shuttle service.

And who's gonna pay for construction? Car drivers? Or more publicly funded so called free parking? That is actually a public sponsorship of individual free parking! Or will drivers pay for parking here? Why would they park there then? If paid, make drivers pay now and see the need for parking diminish instantly!

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