Addressing a red-herring in engagement of domestic workers.

Addressing a red-herring in engagement of domestic workers.

We have a minimum wage law, which is a good thing. However the law never contemplated 'freebies' like free accommodation, W and E, internet, insurance, daily food, medicines etc. Abroad, domestic workers (Philippinas)earn half our minimum wage. Cyprus made a special law for these workers, ensuring they get €350 per month PLUS all the above. In Malta we have out-priced ourselves. Similar to free childcare, such a measure would empower MORE women, and enhance the economy with more local workforce.


Adjusting the minimum wage law to address this category of workers would be a win-win, as it assures the worker a local minimum wage - part of which is in kind. An agency like Jobs Plus would regulate and oversee the process. This would enable the service to be affordable to more Maltese, enabling them to go out and work, as well as to time off to 'spend' their money locally, enhancing the economy. For the State, the NI paid is an investment, as no pension will probably be ever paid to worker.

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