Road water harvesting

Road water harvesting

New roads should be built in such a way that rain water gets channeled to side ducts, collected in reservoirs built beneath roads and then purified.


should start with a bare minimum of making reservoirs in water prone areas underneath all roundabouts, public squares, etc

This has various positive knock on effects; less stress on the sewage system, streets are less prone to flooding, re-use of water that would go to waste.

This is a great idea and should be encouraged but it should be the norm and the idea of just putting tarmac to a road should be scrapped. All services should be set to the side of pavements in underground ducts to eliminate the need of opening a road every 6m to repair/or give a new service to a household/shop etc.

L-istess ilma mbaghad jintuza ghat-tisqija.

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