Rugby pitch for Malta

Rugby pitch for Malta

I would like to suggest that we look into the idea of building a fully fledged rugby pitch for this up and coming sports, which has seen incredible results in the past years. The MRFU and Malta Rugby team which is currently ranked 43rd in the World Rugby world rankings deserves an official pitch with facilities, which I am sure would aid in growing the sport further as well as generate revenue for the sports by tournaments which it will host.


It is a local sport punching above it's weight, struggling with Finances to develop the sport further, has the most significant results of any sport in Malta and everyone of the International Team is an Ambassador for the Nation. We bring in over 1000 tourists through the Rugby connections with foreign clubs sending their teams and supporters to Malta, which then lends to an exponential growth in tourism. Every election we are promised a stadium, we are still waiting for the "Promise Land!"

As an ex rugby player of the first local teams knowing the trials and tribulations we went through to practice our sport and to help make it easier for future generations but still not having our own stadium and training facilities. I'd wish this to become a reality before I kick the bucket. Please help.

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