Muzzles for large dogs

Muzzles for large dogs

The issue is that I like to walk with my wife and 3 year old son and usually my instincts make me ultra protective of my family whenever someone is walking the dog, especially big ones. First of all, in my opinion all dogs should be on leash in public places. Secondly certain dogs can easily overpower their owners (and I saw this happening a number of times), and can become aggressive. In my opinion dogs should wear muzzles when in public places. Laws might be there already but need enforcement.


You can't generalise. Some big dogs like boxers and labradors are sweet tempered. Then I know a few small dogs who are very agressive. That dogs should be on a leash at all times when outside is law. But I'm not muzzling my little pug (for which no muzzles exist) because we try to enjoy the walk not make it torture. Besides how many attacks by dogs have you heard or read about?

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