Support poeple who feed strays

Support poeple who feed strays

Like my self there are many more who loves animals and as we all know there is a big amount of stray cats. It good that we have help to nueter but these creatures need to eat as well. We spend a lot of money from out own pockets , monthly i speand nearly 500€ im not expecting money cheques but vouchers for may be registered feeders in order to help out a bit from our montly expenses. This it was never been tackeled before and i was hoping that it will one day.


I would rather put forward that strays are taken care of and placed in appropriate structures than remain strays. Issues of hygiene and possible harm to others comes to mindless.

This point is to introduce a new scheme in where feeders they a re registered and they will be helped out or they will have discounts at petshops and also in vet clinics. We need support.

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