Giving village Feasts the status they deserve

Giving village Feasts the status they deserve

Village Feasts should be given the recognition they deserve. incentives to grow and be a better attraction to the tourist industry.


it's an integral part of maltese culture, we have the best fireworks, and extravagant street decorations. We should be proud of youths that work hard all year round for only a week of feast in a year, we should recognize them for the hard work they do, that most of the parts keeps them away from bad habits.

Same goes for the fireworks...they are a popular tourist attraction and lately some are becoming firecrackers and not the traditional ones

I agree but petards should not be allowed to go off at odd times of the day as they can be very disturbing. The fireworks display should be limited to one of two evenings during the festivities.

Feasts are drivers for summer business. Government should help financially the organisers.

Band clubs should have an annual bonus for their very big expenses, better electricity rates, and maybe vat exempts on fund raising events. This is the core value in voluntary work with passion which creates a very big tourism industry.

unfortunately band clubs are not given the recognition they deserve. One have to keep in mind that all band clubs offer high standard music lessons for free, and are the entities promoting culture at its best. Again unfortunately this is done by members having to do another full time job to organise events to have funds. It's time for gov to do something before having some clubs saying it is the time to call it a day. Why paying high electricity bills when we are not a business, why having to

pay VAT when importing things to be used for the daily running of the club.... These are only two of an endless number of questions... It's the time to start helping Band Clubs.

helping Clubs, and feast organizers to apply for EU funds

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