Introduction of a Sexual Health Clinic

Introduction of a Sexual Health Clinic

Similar to the concept of Planned Parenthood in America where people who cannot afford private healthcare can go to get information on sexual health and their rights in difficult situations. There would be free contraceptives available as well as counsellors and doctors. This would not replace the GU clinic, but be an extension of it. It would also be involved in public policy, education and the promotion of research in relevant fields.


Brilliant idea! I would like to further add the importance of these clinics to be in charge of sexual education in all schools - public, private and church schools, respectively. Sexual education is key to the understanding of one's own body, health and reproductive rights. It is no longer acceptable - It never was but I digress - that teenagers resort to (possibly) unreliable information on the internet.

i agree with Mark that secual education is very important and lack of it is visible daily in different parts of our life. Idea is perfect! I used to work as sex-educator for youth and I know that even one conversation can change someones life.

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