Our Vote, Our Right - Maltese Voters Abroad

Our Vote, Our Right - Maltese Voters Abroad

On the eve of the last general election in 2013, all three major political parties committed themselves to making it easier for Maltese people living abroad to exercise our right to vote. Allowing Maltese people resident outside of Malta to vote from abroad - whether via electronic voting systems, postal voting, or voting at Maltese embassies - should be a natural choice for any Maltese electoral system. https://www.facebook.com/groups/245922288871977/



Fully concur. If the concern is that there are more expats than residents and therefore, a unique and surreal situation could exist where Maltese living abroad have more of a say than those living in the country, set strict parameters, such as, e.g. that one would have to have lived in the country for a continuous set of time (to be determined) within the previous 5 years, unless abroad to serve the country (e.g. embassy staff).

It makes it easier for those living abroad to vote and it also wastes less funds than having to fly them in on special rates. Win win.

My right to vote is also my duty to my country. Even if I do not live on the island anymore, Malta will always be my home country and the issues the country is facing are still of interest to me. Also, lets not forget that Maltese living in EU countries are the ones with the least of travel problems. Please facilitate voting rights for ALL Maltese living abroad who, like me, wish to exercise their duty to the country.

It isn't always easy for families to travel and these responsible citizens should be spared the extra hassle.

The right to vote is inalienable, and it should be exercised via a secure method which is the least costly.

The right to vote should be facilitated in as many ways as possible. There are enough tried and tested options today that enable voting from a distance. These should be made available to Maltese nationals. The failure to do so is a gross neglect by Malta's Parliament.

It's the way forward to guarantee that the right to vote is truly safe guarded for all.

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