Electronic/Online Patient Profiles

Electronic/Online Patient Profiles

An online health profile for each individual/patient, accesible to all caring doctors (GPs, specialists etc) to include past medical/surgical history, current conditions and treatment. Any doctor caring for the patient could add entries (short description of consultation, management plan, advice for GP to followup patient in community) and modify the patient's treatment online. The profile could also include past investigations performed, pending appointments/investigations etc.


-Bridge the current gap between primary/secondary care, and among different specialities -Facilitate continuity of care, eg. by giving reasons for stopping a medications might prevent different caring doctors in the future from restarting the drug -Space where patient's preferences/advanced directives e.g. regarding organ donation, are expressed and documented and accessible to all doctors -Easily accessible information to all doctors at all times compared to current hospital medical notes syste

@Victoria, Yes the myHealth website was a massive step. However it is limited to discharge letters, investigations, appointments. The electronic profile should include essential information which is accessible at all times - if a patient presents with chest pain at A&E and has an abnormal ECG, at the moment we still need to wait for old notes to arrive from records to compare with previous ECGs. Thus I propose we expand on the myHealth concept, and to which all caring physicians contribute

A good idea, but only if all Doctors are ready to do it. My Health had been introduced by PN Govt but majority of Doctors do not accept to use it.

This system already exists - it's called MyHealth on the gov.mt website where you can access lab results etc :)

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