Restoration Of Mount Carmel Hospital

Restoration Of Mount Carmel Hospital

Patients at Mount Carmel deserve a better environment for them to live in. We need to shut this 'Mount Carmel' stigma and help those who are in need. They are people as well and that is why they deserve all of the helpful resources and a healthier envirment.


Some of the beds don't even have springs, making it extremely close to impossible to sleep. Some Wards also look like entering a Concentration Camp.

The section where suicidal and severely depressed patients stay is in a really bad condition. Also the daily activities the patients have is very monotonous and does not even engage a healthy and better life style to overcome the depression or mental illness. A normal day of a patient with such stated illness is very oppressive; the patient, after agreeing to stay for a couple of nights there, would want to leave, and would be better off at his/her private home under professional care.

It is also important to re establish the crisis intervention team which used to be in place under the Pn government but was abolished during this administratipreventin admission to mount carmel hospital is one way of avoiding patients suffering from stigma associated to mental health.

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