Car Pooling Enforcement!

Car Pooling Enforcement!

Netherlands have made a successful Car Pooling program. We can too! Its Cheap, makes for less traffic in the roads. Its free vs Unreasonably costly or a logistical nightmare of construction.


Well Georgina, Car Pooling makes more sense for Maltese people. Since we dont have a good public Transport System in place. It also makes sense because since we Maltese love our cars and love to drive them since every Maltese family owns about 2-3 cars in average.. One for everyday use and one for the weekend. I do Carpooling everyday! Its a good idea because its so much more efficient. You can use the bus lanes when you are 3 persons or more and i practically is free. Just create an app...

Instead of car pooling, how about having park and ride systems but with the car park near your home and then direct buses to main areas, such as Valletta, St Julians, Sliema. An example of this would be to use the Pembroke park and ride car park for direct busses to Valletta , leaving every 15 minutes in rush hour. Instead of being stuck in traffice you can catch up with the news and emails on your phone. I would recommend using small busses such as the Hoppa buses in the UK.

Car Pooling websites are definitely something that has to be implemented, showing the time and destination as well as the cost. I found this at Slovenia and it worked wonders for the locals.

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