Residential parking for sliema

Residential parking for sliema

Residents should be allowed to park - the idea that teachers or other business workers cannot park is not something that happens only in is extremely unfair on residents to be singled out like this. Parking for sliema residents should be granted.


Residential parking problems are not limited to Sliema only. With so any cars around, even small villages are facing such issues. I would suggest an overhaul of the parking regulations, with some degree of priority given to residents.

What is so special about Sliema residents for them to be granted special parking rights?. Sliema residents had the chance to create more parking spaces for their area at the time when the Qui-Si-Sana project was being implemented some 10 years ago but they voted against it. Had this car park been available the local council would have been in a position to create a park & ride scheme thus alleviating the parking problem in Sliema.

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