Surface Regional Road, and convert it into a green area

Surface Regional Road, and convert it into a green area

Regional Road is an eyesore, and more importantly is a health hazard. However, the site between the Santa Venera tunnels and the Santa Venera roundabout can be surfaced and used as an open space. This massive piece of land can be converted into a park or square; something which central villages in Malta lack. There are other innovative ways in which it can be used, such as having an underground carpark or even paving the first open space for families with solar panels.


And where does the traffic pass from?

It would be a great idea if regional road tunnel will be covered. As will look nice as green area for families and kids. Also will have less noice and better quality of air.

OK that make very good sense... misunderstood the word surface

Brilliant idea! There are many creative ways to transform this area into a living, dynamic open-space. I'm sure we have a number of architects who would be willing to submit a proposal for such a project! Great work!

Rachel Galea: the proposal is not to remove the road, but to turn the road into a tunnel, thus creating a roof.

­čśâDefinitely it is a health hazard on 2 counts - Noise and Fumes. At the time, It was a major PN project but the present scenario of uninterrupted traffic flow was overlooked, so the nearby households are constrained to endure the glut of heavy traffic 24/7. If the whole part under the village center is roofed off, the local residence will be saved from this ordeal. However, an effective ventilation system needs to be installed as otherwise the air trapped in the tunnels will become very toxic.

It will possibly create parking spaces, solar farm, family recreational areas as in the case of a park whilst minimising the volume of exhaust pollution. A brilliant idea

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