Berthing in Marinas

Berthing in Marinas

Maltese are known to be Sea Lovers and many consider buying a boat instead of a Summer house. Is this a good idea? Considering berths are increasing in price yearly without any notice or control. Malta has a present local demand of around 4,000 berths ... for small yachts Greece and Turkey around €2,500, Sicily comes in at €3,200, Spain is around the €3500- Berthing here this year went up by 35% - A, 39-footer berth fr 4000 to €6000. About time for berthing prices to be monitored and controlled


Local Union should be formed - Marinas should not be exempted the 30% cut off of their yearly Income in other words most of them are only paying 5% tax

Well said i made such a post w/o seeing yours about time boat owners get some say and not only Hunters

this is a good idea. Owners of Marina's seem to do what they like - not only Its also illegal for them to chain up and agree a price for all, this is what they did and this is against the law - further more they can arrest boats for delayed payments without a Court notification - and will be released under payment plus from 50% to a 100% interest above the berthing price -

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