Car Registration Scheme

Car Registration Scheme

It has become the case that many people are not able to buy cars from abroad as the cost of the registration is equal or sometimes even higher than the car itself. A new system must be imposed that creates a fair registration system which will help all Maltese citizens. My suggestion is that if a car is to be brought to Malta the registration will be 10% of the market value of the car. This will only apply if the car is to be used as a 'Sunday' car and if the car will be garaged.


There's already the red plates and the registration is half of what you normally pay. If you don't afford to buy a car from abroad how can you afford a car only for the weekend!

The new 10% system will create a greater change of people using garages instead of street parking and also to opt for a motorcycle or low emissions cars for their daily use. Cars brought over by the schemes will not increase traffic as they will not be used on a daily basis and will increase the chance of more efficient methods of transportation to be used on every day basis. I believe that this new system will have a positive affect on both the traffic issue and on emission controls.

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