Fix the Rent Laws!

Fix the Rent Laws!

A long-overdue answer to the unjust situation faced by property owners still unable to access their property due to the rent laws protecting the tenant. All your proposals look at helping the renters. Nothing is done to give an honest chance to homeowners, still receiving a paltry 400.00 per annum for a house that is worth more than that per month! These owners have been deprived of their property for 3 generations. Why should some people subsidise housing themselves?


People have been abusing of the situation . I believe that it is time to evaluate who is taking advantage of such a situation . It may be time that the government seeks alternative housing for the tenants and the property freed.

I feel that its high time the archaic laws are ammended to today's needs. How much longer should the home owners have to wait from generation to generation for this to happen - now is the time!

Albert Buttigieg and Simon Busuttil

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