Dynamic change required in our education system

Dynamic change required in our education system

Everyone knows about the importance of having a good education. Knowledge is power. However in Malta we have a mentality of thinking that doing a difficult exam or studying a difficult topic makes us even more intelligent - Wrong. It is time to come up with something different and innovative. Finland has the best education system in the WORLD so why not adopt their ideas and system? If a system works and is proven to work then why not use it? There needs to be a change especially in MATSEC.


Agreed, have been years harping on thi issue. Why do authorities think that the harsher an exam is the better students will be? WRONG. Why is it so difficult to adopt the Finland idea and an Open book exam system as in other countries? One may have Grade A's and not be a good graduate and one might have much lesser grades but will be of a higher level in the career he would like to persue.

Our children are growing to hate learning - far too much stress for both students and parents! The present system is spoiling an otherwise happy stage in life... let us make learning fun

http://www.oph.fi/english/education_system Here is a link showing how the Finnish education system works.

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