Legalization of Cannabis for research and recreational purp.

Legalization of Cannabis for research and recreational purp.

Control , tax and educate .. 3 pillars for a way forward in dealing with this scenario . 1) by controlling a substance one can educate people on the pros and cons . By that one can also assure that an age limit is set up . 2) tax revenue should be used for indepth reasearch with regards to medical marijuana especially cancer 3) Be proactive .. imagine a small country achieving milestones in research . And yes by fully legalzing one can ensure comprehensive studies can be carried out freely


Nobody has every died from cannabis intoxication. tobacco is legal and it causes so many health problems why not legalize cannabis whos pros are drastically better than the cons. Same with alcohol, a substance that cause people to get out of control and sometimes getting violent or loud. Its easier for kids to encounter cannabis along with other illegal and 'more harmful' drugs when it is kept illegal and in the hands of drug traffickers, rather than a store owner who will check id.

4) this would also mean a boost in tourism .. 5) according to forbes a fully legalized system in Holland would leave the governemnt with an average of 550 million euro to 1.2 billion euro per year from tax revenue 6) If the truth is always right .. then what about tons of scientific evidence that prove that infact marijuana is much less dangerous than alcohol itself .. 7) Are farmers in your agenda ? Than make proper use of them instead of subsidising .

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