The legalisation of cannabis.

The legalisation of cannabis.

This point is very touching and dividing the generations. Younger people agree while older might stand against. There are studies which show that medical cannabis can heel a lot of medical conditions. Can we introduce medical cannabis before recreational?? By this we will show the older generation that it is not so bad after all. Thanks 😊


We can follow the steps of other countries like Canada with plans to fully legalise it by 2018

Stop beating around the bush and fully legalize it , it will end up attract thousands of tourists take it out of the traffickers hands , leave millions in malta's coffers and take advantage before other european countries , legalization globally is only a matter of time so why not be before our neighbors and profit as much as possible ?

The introduction of medical cannabis will hopefully open the mind of the doubtful. The introduction of recreational cannabis can be afterwards introduced taking example from barcelona, where their are shops that sell closing doors to dealers and black markets, making it taxable and monitoring usage.

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