Tackle the Plague of Drug Abuse

Tackle the Plague of Drug Abuse

Introduce a national masterplan to reduce the plague of drug abuse which is negatively effecting our society. Set tighter border and Dwana controls and heftier fines to minimise drug trafficking. Help agencies like Caritas by providing resources to help those effected especially youths and their families. Develop a government funded drug rehabilitation facility instead of send drug addicts to jail. Introduce opportunities for rehabilitated addicts to seek employment.


Every war against drugs is a lost war. Drugs are integrated in our society since the beginning of civilization. I agree that drugs are a problem and it should be tackled like a humanitarian problem not like a crime war. Decriminalization of drugs will abolish criminals and help users.

Invest in much more robust prevention programmes in schools and among young people. Just telling young people that 'drugs are bad' does not work. we need to address self-confidence, mental health issues, bullying, peer pressure, etc

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