Permanent & Dedicated bike/moped routes

Permanent & Dedicated bike/moped routes

Time to think out of the box and start, devising up plans to construct, remove parking to create space (identify abandoned/low value housing can be bought by the Government and turned into parking zones), use geographic elevation in favour and adjoin with bridges but most importantly it must be completely dedicated to bikes/e-bikes and e-mopeds all with limited speed. I go as far as saying to make this happen, in some localities re-allocation/re organisation would be required.


Also updating the pavements. Most pavements are not walkable and hence people either walk in the road or rely on private transportation (cars). By removing the emphasis on cars, parking spaces and ramps, and shifting the balance towards pedestrian infrastructure which includes bike lanes, the whole community will benefit from better street environments.

In Malta with our congested roads, having bicycle lanes a few centimetres from a car is simply not safe. We need dedicated cycling paths away from traffic to encourage cyclists to travel safely. For an island 30km in length, and palgued by traffic and obesity, cycling should be the way forward

Also, increasing bike 'parking' lots around the island. It is quite useless commuting by bicycle then not having anywhere to lock the bike.

Nimxu fuq il-passi tal-Olanda :)

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