Revision of matriculation system........ also the possibility of doing O levels over 2 years.


Mental Health.... needs to be given more importance. YPU needs funds to buy equipment and to do up the place to make it more welcoming for children/youngsters. Mount Carmel Hospital needs an upgrade!

Students should also take exams at their own schools instead of this crazy system where one parent has to take time off work to drive their children around the island to various different schools. This is an unnecessary burden on parents and adds to the traffic conjestion. If they were held at their own school they could use school transport as normal and would be sitting the exam in an environment they are familiar with.

A 2 year course, similar to GCSEs, would allow students to make their subject choice a year later when they may have a clearer idea of what subjects they want to continue. The exam burden would be lessened with 2 years worth of work to revise. Coursework should be included with every subject reducing the burden of exams. The exams themsshould be structured more like IGCSEs, devised to test students on what they know, not what they don't know and questions shouldn't be trying to trip students up.

Revision of Matsec Syllabus, In my opinion now a days we are pressuring too much our students in this matter according to students who set for various O'Level exams the Matsec board has again prepared the papers in a much higher level than O'Level. How is this fair to the students???!!!!!!

I would also add that Maltese should be split into Language and a separate O level for Maltese Literature

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