After School's for working mothers

After School's for working mothers

There was an article on the times a few weeks ago. We have free childcare which does help mothers return to work....but what happens when children are of school age? Most scholls finish around 1.30...2.00pm. What about proposing free after school activities for children with both working parents including independent and private schools? Club 3-16 starts at 2.30 and is in a limited no. Of schools.The idea is to have free after hours at schools were child attends including independent schools


Klabb 3 - 16 is not enough because children of church and private schools are forced to move from their school to another where they often do not know anybody. Also, as indicated by this proposal, the starting time of Klabb 3-16 leaves us with a 1.5 hour gap.

This already exists - club 3, 16

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