Reduce taxes to an absolute minimum.

Reduce taxes to an absolute minimum.

Money individuals earn should not be taken away from them. People need to understand, nothing comes free in life and that if they expect to receive something, they should work for it themselves.


Government free services should be costed and the customer should sign off when he receives a free government service. There should be the possibility to comment about the level of service given. The total yearly cost should be notified to customer. This total can be tallied to the government department estimates for better control.

Tonio, you referred to taxes in general, so you cant really blame me for misunderstanding. Your title should have therefore read something like 'Remove injustices in the social benefits system', with the objective of assisting only those in real need, and not those who are able to, but still refuse to work, and are happy feeding off the system. If that is what you intended to express then i agree fully with you. Tip: avoid vagueness, and there will be less room for misunderstandings. Good day :)

Daniel, you must have willingly or unwillingly misunderstood me. I did not propose to abolish tax, but to reduce it. Money people earn is sacrosanct, it should not be taken from people who work for it, to be given to those who don't work, or to be wasted.

Reduce taxes? with what do you propose we build roads then? or pay policemen, army officers, or government workers? How do we maintain the health system? No system of governance can survive without tax revenue, and that is a fact. A better idea would be to ensure all workers pay their fair share of tax, and better management of the tax revenue collected.

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