Class Assistants

Class Assistants

The current support being provided to SEN learners needs to be upgraded for the benefit of all learners as well as of class teachers and learning support assistants. New government needs to envisage ways how the current system can be changed to implement Class Assistance to all learners rather than to individual learners. Only learners severe disabilities would benefit from 1-1 support. This would also give LSA more working opportunities and avenues than they currently have!


Specialised training for LSAs is urgently needed especially in the area of Autism- I have been suggesting to current Education Directors to train a group of LSAs on Autism as many children are at a loss. Also oncall LSAs need to be increased and the system restructured. It cannot be that children with a one to one or full time LSA are sent home if the LSA is absent from work.. It is against theright.

I agree, there should be specialized training given to LSA s to become teacher's aides.

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