A clause that protects the unborn

A clause that protects the unborn

May I suggest that we add a specific clause in our constitution that protects specifically all the unborn children. In this way, this very important issue will not be politicised and our nation will continue to protect life from the moment of conception.


This is not a question of unborn children rights vs women rights. I truly believe that this is a question of protecting life. I am all out, in favour of women's rights. All those who truly believe in women's rights, I am sure that they will be pro-life as well. Every human being deserves a chance to live a dignified life.

Let's have a debate about this first!

Grow a uterus and then talk.

Flash news: It is already done! Check Maltese Laws please!

Whilst supporting the idea of counselling, I think that this should be done by an organisation which is different from Planned parenthood. Especially nowadays, when a thorough investigation has brought the real nature of such organisation, which has been making money buy selling body parts of aborted babies. I will not dwell on this any longer as it is a very delicate subject. May I reiterate though that every human being deserves a chance to live a dignified life.

This decision should be up to the woman or family concerned, and NOT up to the government. No government or political party should intrude in this, as each and every individual's situation is different. What would be great, however, is some sort of counselling help and a better and more efficient adoption policy for women who find themselves struggling with their pregnancy; an institution similar to Planned Parenthood in the States which would help these women choose what's best for them.

Safeguard female rights instead.

This should be enshrined in the Constitution as part of a Constitutional Convention.

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