Remove Vehicle Registration Tax

Remove Vehicle Registration Tax

The amount of money people are forced to pay because of this registration tax is unacceptable and can sometime cost more than the actual value of the car itself. Remove this registration tax completely and give out a 50% rebate to whoever paid it over the past 3 years. If all the money made from this tax was invested back into the roads we would have some of the best roads in Europe.



Reduce the number of cars on the road with an efficient public transport system

Complete rip off from the Maltese Government. Malta is an EU Member State, and should act like one.

It is a good initiative for people to change their old polluting cars to newer less polluting cars

A blatant abuse of the government's sovereign right to tax and a disproportionate and unreasonable interference with an individual's right to property. A radical overhaul of the system is needed.

I support this idea because it is double taxation. This results in older cars still on the road. By the way, when importing a vehicle with higher mileage the registration tax is less! Kind of defeats the whole point of trying to increase newer cars on the road with less emissions

Forget the part which says that those who paid already should be refunded but otherwise I agree completely. If this tax is removed then many maltese people will change their older cars to newer ones with better emissions etc. I for one am still clinging to my old car because of this tax. would buy a new one in a jiffy if there were no registration tax. This tax only benefits the major car importers. It is also in general very much against the spirit of free movement of goods in the EU.

Pollution should have nothing to do with registration tax. Emissions related loading comes from the annual circulation tax for using the car on the road. We are an EU member state; there should be no registration tax on a second hand vehicle bought from within the EU.

I agree with this, but the tax should not be removed completely, for example, less 20% off and minimize the license fees is a better idea. Since roads need to have maintenance such as tax fees need to be paid, but road needs to be fixed right away and not left in a moon style structure while paying taxes and high license.

Why on a tesla model s fully electric 0 emission you need to pay more then 10.000 euro registration tax?????

A blatant tax on the public for something that has already been taxed in the European Union and has met EU emissions standards is immoral and wrong. The idea of freedom of movement should be taxed? No. Get rid of this money making scheme, this complete and utter lie. Either that or make Malta a more competitive nation where people would rather spend their money inside the country making it stronger, than seeking elsewhere to buy cheaper goods. This goes with everything, not just vehicles.

Sure, let's become even more car-dependent. In other countries people pay insane prices just to pass through a street and park. In some cities it's virtually impossible to drive because it's so prohibitively expensive. And here we have someone who wants to make driving even more accessible. Preposterous really.

We can buy a car with less mileage and newer, as how it is now most of us who need a car and do not afford so much we have no choice then to buy the car we like with more mileage on it and of an older year. Which means less environmental friendly.

I support this idea because it is out of wack that the registration comes double or even more depends on the car.

Only reduce the high performance cars registration tax. Paying 2000euro on a brand new renault megane was not bad. registration taxes are important, just make them cheaper for high-end cars (ex Ferraris etc etc.)

I agree with this idea, maybe not totally remove tax but I would say free for cars which are 4/5 years old or less and a significant reduction in tax for cars being imported over 5 years old

I support it because it is organised theft. But, it should be in place for the least polluting cars possible with a previously declared maximum emissions permissible.

@carmel aquilina new cars are much heavily taxed then old once. The higher the mileage the less tax you pay. Fact check your argument before commenting

Value should not be part of the equation in the registration tax. An old Fiat Punto and a 2014 BMW M3 produce the same amount of CO2. For the Punto you pay 800 euros, while for the M3 20,000 euros. 1. Registration paid on emissions only 2. Extend weekend plates for use in the evening, daily 3. Introduce pay-per-use for car collectors 4. This will reduce abuse and encourage people to register their cars.

It's a good initiative to buy new cars, less emissions in our roads.

Must be monitored but absolutely agree. Darren, yes people may buy bigger cars but mostly those who love cars. What needs to happen is that insurance companies can allow us to only insure them for the weekend. Very similar to the red plates scheme

Its helping to bring car from uk ..japan ecc

I am very neutral on this proposal, I would love cheaper cars, but this has to be done only on certain cars with low emissions! It is pointless removing or reducing car registration tax so people will buy bigger and more polluting cars...

It helps getting old cars off the road

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