Analyising Agriculturaly crops

Analyising Agriculturaly crops

Lately we read that certain number of local farmers have been stopped from selling at Ta Qali as they were using pesticides. I understand that the Ministry of Agriculture have no means to check as too expensive to have a laboratory as Malta small. This is nonsense and affecting public health big way. Lets start filtering all kinds of vegetables/crops grown in Malta and also Imported ones. This is a shame and public health is to be safeguarded at all costs. I want to stress imported ones too.


A Pesticide Residue Analysis Lab is necessary to protect the health of consumers and farmers, to protect the agricultural industry in Malta (trust) and to safeguard our water sources. Though costly to run if seen as a separate issue, it will lead to a decrease in disease related costs, as well as an increase in local agricultural produce. One must also understand that food safety is a fundamental human right.

i think we have to tackle this issue ASAP cause we are practically eating poison. no wonder why the rate of cancer is increasing drastically. politicians should give our healty top priority so please do some thing about this issue.

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