Making Malta's Roads More Pedestrian Friendly

Making Malta's Roads More Pedestrian Friendly

It is indeed a pity that Malta is such a tiny island, yet it is impossible for a person to walk from a certain town/village to another. Whilst understanding that Maltese roads are in need of re-tailoring for public transport in order to decrease traffic, etc etc...I believe that we should also be looking at revamping and re-shaping certain roads to cater for those who wish to walk from home to work, for example. Speaking for myself, living in Hal Qormi and walking to work is unfathomable.


If we work towards achieving this idea, we would be eliminating a lot of the underlying problems facing Malta today, such as decreasing obesity since people would be able to walk more. We would be decreasing cars from the streets, making our country even more aesthetically pleasing than it already is.

The cost savings in healthcare is immense. In 2015 337,000 people died of obesity related issues. 667,000 died of those linked to physical inactivity. Although cycling has a higher MET rating, the value of a nation walking cannot be undervalued.

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