Educational System

Educational System

A change in the educational system is needed. The current system is a failure. In 2016 only 50% of students sat for their Olevels and from those 50% only half got the grades to be able to continue their studies in sixth form. Teachers havebeen complaining about the current system for years but nothing effective was ever done. A good system would be the one that Scandinavian countries such as Sweden currently have. It is also very important to think about the situation and benefits inthe longterm


We have been talking of an overhaul within our Educational System for the past 30 years or more. It is clear that the Educational Cycle and the Political Cycle are out of phase. Things have been changing for change sake. We need to know where we are heading before any change is contemplated. Change is a marathon not a sprint. Policy makers should be reminded that STUDENTS should be at the centre of our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Teachers and Educational Leaders are suffering from 'change fatigue'.

Agreed, have been years harping on this issue. Why do authorities think that the harsher an exam is the better students will be? WRONG. Why is it so difficult to adopt the Finnish idea and an Open book exam system as in other countries? One may have Grade A's and not be a good graduate and one might have much lesser grades but will be of a higher level in the career he would like to persue.

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