New Flats and Parking

New Flats and Parking

When new flats are to be erected the Planning Authority must make sure that there are enough parking spaces within the new building in order NOT to increase the parking load in the area. All planning authority does at this point in time is issue a penalty to the contractor for each parking space or garage missing however this does not stop the contractors from going overboard with the number of flats they are building. This is causing great inconvenience to the neighbours of these new buildings


Government should impost that contractors involved in building of apartment blocks should only have solar powered water and heating - after 12 years having my maisonette solar powered had to revert to geysers again as not planned or permitted in new apartment block i purchased. Location in the building has to allow for such energey saving devices

A case in point. In attard a huge block of flats were built and others are being built right now. Now the street is full of cars and it's impossible to pass especially for trucks and buses as the street is too narrow. Another case in point is the Olive Gardens block in xaghra Gozo, the block has a huge parking space but no one parks in it and now parking in the street has become a nightmare.

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