Parliamentary hearings for government appointees

Parliamentary hearings for government appointees

Further to the excellent proposal that major appointments are approved by 2/3, I would like to see other appointments by government to agencies and entities being subjected to a hearing by a special parliamentary committee, tentatively named "Kumitat għall-ħatriet pubbliċi". During such hearings, the person nominated by government must declare any interests he or she might have that would conflict with his/her public role and how s/he will neutralise such potential conflicts of interest.


Just to elaborate further to Ing. Farrugia. The person must obviously be capable, qualified and implement government policy. Those are a given. My suggestion is that a Parliamentary hearing would provide greater legitimacy and public trust as the appointment would be publicly scrutinised in the interest of transparency.

It is likely to stem abuses emanating from nepotism and allegiance. Having said that, such hearings would not be the defining factor to engage the successful individuals but count as a recommendation (to avoid deadlocks due to lack of quora etc).

Agree with regards to major appointments, but for other appointments it is important that the appointee is capable and have the necessary qualifications. Such appointee have to ensure that Government policy is followed and he should be a person of trust.

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