Free child care for parents who do not work.

Free child care for parents who do not work.

Although I agree with this measure whole-heartedly, I cannot say that I was impressed with the reasons given for it, especially when one of our candidates said that it would enable mothers to go to the hairdresser! In my opinion this measure is ideal for students. There are many young parents, who are still furthering their education at the same time as raising a family. Having free child care would go a long way in helping them to so.


Those who are now working legally because they have free childcare they will revert back to off the books systems. If there are social cases then use gov childcare. My heart breaks to take my son to childcare so I CAN WORK! I do my house work at 11pm. This Is yet another way to encourage those to don't work and discourage those of us who do!

I have mixed feelings about this measure because I believe that babies and young children should be brought up by their parents and when a child is born everything else should take second priority. However since there is a need for these nurseries I suggest that parental skills courses are also given to the parents so that they would learn to maximise the time they have with their children when they are at home, hence make up for the time they did not spend with their children.

The government isn't a baby sitter. You get a job then you use child care facilities. Again won't the tax payer be coughing up the funds for this? Funds that could be put to better use.

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