Cordless phones in Gozo Hospital

Cordless phones in Gozo Hospital

I have an idea for improving the service in Gozo hospital Santa Anna. My offer is to be installed a few cordless phones to make a lot easier to contact the clients with their relatives. Each time I call in the hospital from Australia and ask to talk to my mother who is permanently in bed the only one cordless phone sometimes is broken and the staff need to take my mother in the corridor in the bed and she fils dizzy while they transfer her there. My mother doesn't feel comfortable.


This is an excellent idea besides being really cheap to implement. We could go one better and have some cheap tablets available so relatives can video chat to the inmates during visiting hours. This would enable relatives present near the inmate to help them use the system until they learn themselves.This also means that wireless internet access is also available. No big investment is needed. Relatives or inmates can then use their own device instead of the hospital tablets.

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