give people the tools they need to think

give people the tools they need to think

By integrating critical thinking exercises into the various scholastic syllabi By replacing religion classes with ethics. By ensuring that everyone has a basic science understanding, not as in the hard theories, but as a way of analysing information at hand. Only when people can think for themselves will we have a real and functioning democracy


I support this idea but I'm not sure religion lessons should be replaced by ethics classes. Despite not being a believer myself, I appreciate and respect that a large % of the population are. Can't they co-exist?

I think Ethics should be made mandatory for everyone. We need citizens who think.

Dont agree with replacing religion with ethics. Isnt religion based on ethics already?

there is no need to segregate science and religion. a holistic approach to science, philosophy and religion will empower people to make an informed decision while keeping in mind ethics, morality and faith in others

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