Water & Electricity Tariff for Summer Residences

Water & Electricity Tariff for Summer Residences

At present there is a descrepancy between the W and E Tariff for a family's winter residence and the same family's summer residence. The winter tariff (Residential) is 10c p/unit for electricilty and €1.39 p/m3 for water. The summer tariff (Domestic) is 13c p/unit for electricity and €2.18 p/m3 for water. Moreover, a person can only be registered at one place. This is an injustice. why should a family pay more for W and E simply because they move to a summer residence during the summer?


Because if you have two houses you are wealthy enough to pay for the luxury. Honestly you people with your winter and summer homes drive me insane when I can't even afford an a/c and to top it all being single I don't have a subsidy and get charged as much as a family of 3 or 4.

I support this idea because using electricity in Valletta and using electricity in Birzebbugia or St Pauls Bay cost the same for the government..... why should one pay more for the same service? With all respect to Jennifer Debono, her argument against this idea does not hold. Jennifer come up with an idea to help you solve your problem and I will support you.

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