Adequate and efficient camping sites in Malta

Adequate and efficient camping sites in Malta

No one really thinks how in today's tourism section, caravanning and camping have become another way of traveling not for the ordinary tourist. We have enough space to create decent camping sites with facilities, all against payment. Sicily, all Europe is full of them. Specially reserved areas not subject to building can be maintained environmentally. Electricity, sewage and garbage collection is necessary. The concession is not a yearly subscription but paid daily. Email me for information.


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I wanted to add that this is not a long term camping site, it's like a holiday village. Revenues are quite lucrative, it creates employment. It is NOT long let or anything similar.

An organized place will be controlled and we can get rid of the horrible 'boat houses" which actually are residential summer houses which look like shanty towns.

Malta is not Sicily. We don't have enough space for people to stay in a caravan site for weeks, if not months. We already have one or two such sites and they should be enough. There should be rules so that nobody can stay in the camping/caravan site for more than 5 days at a time.

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