Enact a limit for how long MPs can remain in office

Enact a limit for how long MPs can remain in office

One of the greatest issues people have with engaging in the democratic process is that the same faces (and the same ideas) appear in parliament, one legislature after another. Enact a 10- or 15-year limit for MPs in parliament. This will encourage political parties to reach out to new candidates and develop fresh ideas regularly, and help give the electorate new choices.


You cannot promise change when members of your team have been doing the same job for decades

In a way I agree, but as in the case of authorities in Malta, why throw away experience? The solution is more rigid rules of etics!

10 year limit for mps decreases corruption and sleaze.

Yes! Completely agree. Was going to post something to this effect this morning - kudos to the individual who got there before me.

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