Parking for Disabled Holding a Blue Sticker

Parking for Disabled Holding a Blue Sticker

I am proposing that the reserved parking which is given after applying for it and permit is issued is personalised by painting the number plate on it so that no other person can park. This is creating a very big inconvenient.


Reserved parking slots should be available for all eligible persons. There should be an adequate percentage of reserved slots automatically allocated rather than assigning to particular 'owners'

Sorry Gordon I don't agree with you I don't know if you have a parking space specifically for you, to get a permit you need to go through a board and so on, so as you are saying i apply for the parking space and then will come a person from nowhere and park in my space (as it is happening very often).

😀to prevent abuse which we see daily

To prevent abuse and leave parking spaces for the real disabled

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