Water Polo - Sliema Aquatic Sports Club

Water Polo - Sliema Aquatic Sports Club

Fresh water Water Polo Pitch


I would have not problem with this but if the government is going to build the pool (i.e. from the people's taxes) then it should be accessible to all an sundry and not only to club members.

With the PL promising San Giljan a state of the art Water Polo pitch. With PL having already built one for Birzebugia and giving the go ahead for yet another one in the south, Bormla, wouldn't it be appropriate if we, PN, would do the same for Sliema, 31 league titles. Sliema is a staunch PN city. One might even call it the Spiritual Home of our Party. 100% behind Simon & PN. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. Up The Blues.

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