Capacity Building of NGOs and advocacy through EU funding

Capacity Building of NGOs and advocacy through EU funding

We need to allow more NGOs to use EU funding to strengthen their capacity, improve the quality of service and strengthen democracy through advocacy. NGOs providing services for socially excluded persons, NGOs protecting our environment, NGOs preserving our cultural and historical heritage and NGOs providing services and awareness in the health sector need to be empowered. - A Budget for the capacity building of NGOs -A fund to help NGOs co-finance their projects. - Project management support.


The work that NGOs do is of immeasurable value that complements, if not substitutes state intervention in these fields.

This capacity building initiative will not only result in better quality services, in a better safe guarded environment, in better preservation of our culture and heritage, in more health awareness and support. It will also result in a stronger democracy and stronger advocacy by giving a much stronger voice to those who feel excluded in our society, to those who are not making ends meet, to our culture, our environment to our heritage and our well being.

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