State aided full-time carers for the disabled.

State aided full-time carers for the disabled.

Extend the service whereby the state provides assistance to cover the costs of a full-time carer for over 60s to be available also for people with disability of all ages. This would help parents of disabled people to get hired carers and keep their children within the family. This is particularly important for people who are over 50 who have to care for physically or mentally disabled offspring. It would allow the disabled persons to stay longer in their family environment.


As a parent of a severely disabled person I support this idea 100%. Since my disabled daughter was born I never had the chance to work outside the home as my daughter needs constant support 24/7. We are not elegible for Carers Allowance because from the Social Security Department they tell us that it's our obligation to care for our children, while taking care of a parent or siblings you are entitled .

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